Meet Our Team

Crystal Mongold - Chief Executive Office

      I have known since the time I was a child that I was placed here on earth to be a positive influence on the souls I encounter and to help others achieve their goals. I wanted to be everything. A lawyer, a server, a psychologist, a student, a parent, you name it I wanted it. My dreams and goals were huge.  I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. Shortly after high school I moved to Oklahoma City and began my career in the work force. It is here where I found a true passion and joy for delivering the most incredible customer service possible and I have carried that passion with me for the past twenty years.  My name is Crystal Mongold and I am the founder of Crystalized Consulting INC. My career in hospitality began in 1996 when I landed my first serving job waiting tables at a seafood restaurant in Oklahoma City. I absolutely loved serving others and quickly found myself training co-workers and supervising. The hospitality industry carried me through my college years. I often found myself working two jobs while attending school.  My dreams were big and college was expensive so I had to work hard and waiting tables in Oklahoma City in 1996 paid $2.13 hour plus tips. So, I worked hard, I listened, and I never complained. 

I obtained my first college degree in 2002 from Oklahoma State University in Police Science and followed it with a second degree in Psychology from Portland State University in 2005. At Oklahoma State University, I educated myself on human behavior, communication, body language, crime scene investigations, and criminal minds. I excelled in studying the anatomy of the human body but fell in love with the functions of the brain. After obtaining my degree in police science I transferred to Portland State University where I focused my studies on Psychology with emphasis on clinical and neurological behavior. I expanded my knowledge on human behavior, studied emotions, gender identity, abnormal psychology, addiction, biology, and genetics. 

 Through both my University studies my drive and passion was always to find a career in which I truly enjoyed that genuinely helped people succeed. Whether that be through their personal life goals or business endeavors; my joy in watching others grow into whom they wish to be makes me happy.  In my last year of college at the age of 26 I gave birth to my son, Aidyn. He made life even that much more worth living. I immediately became a single mother and within the first four years of my sons life I worked two jobs waiting tables searching for my forever career. At the end of 2008 I was blessed to be hired on by a national advertising/marketing company Idearc Media that sold yellow page ads and online advertising. I was ecstatic. Within 18 months, I was given a promotion as a Regional account manager which moved me from Portland Oregon to the Tri-Cities, Washington. By this time the company had gone through some financial strains and became SuperMedia. In 2010, I became the #1 sales representative of the west coast region for my company and maintained that position for four consecutive years. In 2015, the company merged with its top competitor DexMedia and this moved me to Spokane, WA. In my tenure with Idearc/Supermedia/DexMedia I was blessed with winning some incredible company incentive trips and traveled to Aruba & Punta Cana as reward for my accomplishments.

      To me taking care of clients and maintaining their business is simple. You have to deliver sensational customer service, listen to your clients needs, develop them a strong marketing solution from having great products that generate a stellar R.O.I and provide great follow-up. What has made me successful in my marketing career is the fact that I truly care about my clients experience and return on their marketing investment. I always strive to provide a unique experience to everyone and have self-educated myself on many media offerings in order to develop customized recommendations that fit individual business growth models & needs. I have educated myself on Google in depth, on search engine marketing, search engine optimization, consumer purchasing patterns, consumer buying habits and social media influences on marketing. I love watching businesses grow and be successful through great marketing and sensational customer service.  In late 2016, I bought a failing business In Spokane and decided to put my knowledge and years of hard work to a test. I was either going to succeed or I was going to go bankrupt trying. My philosophy in maintaining a successful business is simple. Provide a great quality product, excellent employee management, and stellar customer service. Within a few months of implementing some key principles I began to find my once failing tanning salon slowly growing. 

Only three months into my ownership I managed to grow an astonishing 110% over the previous years sales and 5 months after over 200%. I continuously maintain that growth level to this day by constant improvement and creating a unique customer atmosphere. The joy and pride I found in giving back to my community in the form of owning a small business led me to carry the principles that I set forth within my career and form Crystalized Consulting INC. Today's world of marketing has become so saturated with options and leaves many businesses owners in need of an expert to help them decipher weather their hard-earned marketing dollar is generating a return. That's my specialty. Developing strong, customized marketing campaigns, that deliver real, quantifiable results. I specialize in Google Adwords, website building, online listing management, & social media marketing. With my experience and education in human behavior I will be able to help you create a positive customer experience & employee atmosphere through my consulting services as well. I will help you to market to every generation and your target client and track all of your advertising. I will help you create employee training programs that will keep your customers coming back for years and your revenue growing exponentially.   

Crystal Mongold - CEO

Nathan Mongold - Chief Marketing Officer

       Hi My name is Nathan Mongold. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City by my father John. As a small child I found a love for music and comedy. In my teen years I met my wife Carmela and we just celebrated 16 years together in 2017. I consider her my best friend and wouldn't want to travel life without her. After high school I moved to Washington with my wife and spent several years as a general manager of many fast food chains. I found my love and drive for watching others become successful and really enjoyed delivering exceptional customer service in a very fast paced environment. This industry gave me extreme knowledge in human resources, team building, restaurant profitability and employee and management training. Within a few years of becoming a general manager the store in which I worked for climbed to the number one store in the Northwest in sales and growth. That store just so happened to be in a very small town of Castle Rock, WA so the honor was great. 

     My sister, Crystal of Crystalized Consulting INC came to me back in 2010 and asked me if I ever thought about venturing out into another career and soon I found myself working out of the Seattle office for the same media company she was employed for, Supermedia. It is here I found a real joy helping businesses not just spend money but invest in making their business grow. I am highly knowledgeable and skilled in understanding the way consumers search for businesses and what media sources they use in doing so. 

      While the fast food industry crafted a variety of my skills in a fast paced environment my time in the media industry grew my drive to help others in an honest fashion grow their businesses. My sister, wife, and I have this true passion and thirst for not just delivering incredible customer service  but teaching it. When we realized there was a significant need to help local businesses truly understand the results of their marketing efforts and train their employees in delivering exceptional customer service to maximize their return we formed Crystalized Consulting in Spokane. Without great customer service the leads that your marketing does generate you will never reach it's potential for maximizing every dollar you can make in return. 

     I really look forward to working with you. Our team in Spokane is truly unique. Give me a call for an analysis of how I can help your business flourish. 

Nathan Mongold - CMO

Carmela Mongold - Chief Creative Officer

     When people say that their significant other is truly their better half they are talking about my husband and I. My husband Nathan and I met at Grant High school in Oklahoma City when we were 16 and just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.

     My name is Carmela Mongold and I am the chief creative officer at Crystalized Consulting INC. I grew up with my mother and father in Oklahoma City. My childhood life was good. I always remember feeling wanted and very loved by my mother and still to this day have a good relationship with my father. 

     Nathan and I moved from Oklahoma to Washington shortly after our first son was born. I went to college for accounting and numerous other interests that captured my attention. I worked in the fast food industry for many years as a crew member as well as management. Nathan and I had two more children and by the time we were 22 we had three small little one's running around. 

     With our growing family we had to work a lot to ensure they were taken care of and many times we would work long hours making sure bills were paid and diapers were bought. I have always had great work ethic and a strong love and desire to succeed.

     In 2011 I was offered a position in the Portland, Oregon office working for the same company my husband and sister in law worked for and absolutely loved it. Being in the advertising field allowed me to tap into a part of my talent I had no idea existed. I love creating websites, graphics, brochures, and developing eye pleasing materials that captivate the audience that is engaged with it. I really enjoy working one on one with business owners in developing them a strong marketing campaign that will deliver them incredible results. I found a joy being able to help and win over all of the businesses that had a very poor and negative experience with prior advertising companies. Truth is, not many companies these days truly care about their customers bottom line, they only care about their own. I accepted a position in Moses Lake, Washington as a regional manager of a high profile telecom company a few years ago. I thought I would retire here. I loved the customers and I loved the work atmosphere and what the company stood for. Then as my days went on with this company the environment became very toxic. I realized the career I once loved wasn't at all what I had expected or wanted. What used to be a fun, positive working environment had became a place no employee wanted to be. 

     That is why I loved the idea of Crystalized Consulting INC. Crystalized means to bring a gas into a solid. The world of marketing and customer service is so ambiguous. At Crystalized Consulting we solidify it in a very easy way. Our tag line: Solid businesses development, irrefutable R.O.I is unique and each member of our team truly believes that if allowed the opportunity to work hand in hand with you we can deliver you a return that is undeniable. 

     I really love working with my family. We all have the same values, morals, and work ethic. Our drive for delivering and teaching excellent customer service is what truly set us apart from any other consulting firm. I really look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Carmela Mongold - CCO