Local Listings


 Ensuring that your business information is listed consistently across the many different platforms on the internet is the most important aspect of any online marketing efforts. If your information is inconsistent or incorrect it could cost you customers.  At Crystalized Consulting INC, We have partnered with one of the largest online listing management companies to ensure all your business information is accurate.



Having a website is a critical part to any successful business. It is your online business resume and tells consumers whey they should or shouldn't do business with you. When consumers are searching for your type of products and services daily having a website will allow them to find you at the exact time they are ready to buy.   

At Crystalized Consulting INC we not only set up your website we also manage it and update it for you at no additional cost.

Review Monitoring


Your online business reputation is crucial to any company looking to maintain and grow their assets. 66% of consumers reported that they will still consider doing business with a company that has a negative review as long as the owner or someone from the organization responded back to the review. We can't make everybody happy but we sure can try. At Crystalized Consulting INC we will not just monitor your online reputation for you we will actively help you get new positive customer reviews.

Social Media


Facebook is the 2nd most visited website on the internet today in 2017 and the average consumer spends over an hour a day checking it. Let us help you capitalize on the market that is looking for your products and services while sharing it with their friends. 

Google Adwords


  At Crystalized Consulting INC we understand the world of search engine marketing and will create the most beneficial online campaigns for your business. We pride ourselves in generating you the very lowest cost per click from our online partners. We do this by building your online campaigns from the ground up to ensure that your ad copies are the most relevant to a consumers search query. We focus on getting your keywords the absolute best quality score and making you the leader in your industry online whenever a prospective buyer is near.  In order to generate you the best return on your investment from your online efforts we monitor, record, and track all of your results and phone calls.



   At Crystalized Consulting INC we work closely with you to develop your business. Whether your focus is on understanding your advertising budget or helping train your employees on nurturing the leads that you are generating from your marketing. We focus on increasing your personal close ratio, maximizing your advertising dollar, increasing your average customer spend, increasing customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.